About Us

Billy Jones has been making his way across the Carolinas with a six-string and a suitcase full of well-crafted tunes for the better part of the last decade. Whether he’s performing solo or with in his dynamite trio, Jones always delivers with danceable rhythms and an intimate delivery that makes every venue a living room. Jones pens songs that reflect the deep musical roots of his native Carolina Piedmont. His ears are also tuned to a broader, global wavelength. Equal parts folk and rhythm and blues; his songs paint streetscapes of downtown Americana and offer reflections of a journey well traveled.

Billy’s backing band The Pocket brings together a wide variety of musical influences and experiences. Bassist Mason Bissett studied at Wake Forest University with Matt Kendrick before moving to Charlotte and touring the southeast with Cast Iron Filter and Fullgrown. Drummer Brian Burton graduated from the Berklee College of Music and has performed with many groups, including Hipshack and Cast Iron Filter. They bring influences from jazz, funk, and world music to form the Pocket sound. The Pocket has been known to expand from time to time, adding percussionist Tim Helfrich and guitarist Russell Dye.

For Jones, playing live has always been his bread and butter. After hawking and honing his sounds for the last ten years, Billy Jones puts on a show that is as unique as it is memorable.